Dear beloved you all,

2016 has been for us a year of great experiences, a lot of which were positive, but as always we had to face some difficulties. In those 365 days we met a lot of fantastic people playing around Italy: many bands, many new fans, many new friends! One of these, is our new manager Cecilia Colacino, a fantastic woman, that with her vivid energy gave us more strength and now we are more than ready for the next year.

Don’t be sad for Giovanni Giuzio, he still works with us, but he had to move to Amsterdam and now he is our manager in Netherlands and Northern Europe.

As always, we must thank you because, if this year has been fantastic, it is mainly dued to you; your support inspire us every day and sharing music, sweat and laughs with you, at every concert it has been and it will always be, one of the greatest joy we have.

2017 will start with a lot of surprises, first of all, on the 2nd of January, at 8:00 p.m. we will be at Radio Rock (www.radiorock.it) for a short live and an interview. We are going to have a lot of fun!

Continue on swallowing us on our website, on Facebook, on Spotify, on Instagram and on every social network on the planet, because we love to share every SDYM moment with you!

We wish you a happy, motherly, progressively and dancy NEW YEAR!

With all our love,

So Does Your Mother