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Hey you all, people from the SDYM universe!

We are back here to tell you everything about what happened in Sicily and what is going to happen soon.

Well, let’s start from our sicilian tour! IT HAS BEEN A BLAST!

Touring around this wonderful island, playing in marvelous places, surrounded by history, nature and incredible people it has been a great honor.

The first  gig was in Patti for the Indiegeno Fest, and we had the chance to play with several artists from the italian indie scene! As you can see from Margherita Castriota Photography pictures we fired up the stage and the crowd as usual!

The second concert we had the opportunity to open the concert of the sicilian band NiggaRadio (if you don’t know them, you should! at the Messina Indie Fest. Another amazing night full of people dancing with us.

Last but not least, the concert in Palermo at the Spasimo. What a breathtaking venue!

Playing our music on the altar of this deconsacrated XVIth century church has been a great privilege and an incredible experience.

Now after our deserved holidays, we are back in action!

We have several things to do and a lot of energy to use, starting from September with many concerts around Italy. But it’s not only playing gigs! We are currently working on new songs for the next album and we can’t wait to enter in studio for the recordings! Furthermore we are collecting videos of our concerts in order to make a real cool live video, so if you have any good quality video of us fooling on stage send it  here at .

We think it is all for now but as you know everything is in continuous changing in the SDYM universe so remember to swallow us and YOUR MOTHER APPROVES!

So Does Your Mother

Photo by Margherita Castriota Photography